Steamworks® Model BM2

Stainless steel with hot water injection and deterent dispenser

$6,900* + GST

ex Wellington

*excluding tools

Steamworks® Model BM2

Professional steam cleaner in stainless steel.
Nominal pressure of 10 bar and steam temperature of 180°C.

The BM2 provides three steam levels, hot water injection and detergent dispenser functions.

Strong industrial steam socket and hoses provide added surety for professional use.  The automatic refilling system enables the machine to work 24hrs non stop if required.

The machine is compact and easy to carry thanks to the encased handles, the rear pull-handle and the 5 pirouetting anti-trace wheels. It is simple to prepare and easy to use.  A wide range of accessories are available to assist with the cleaning of all types of surface.

Thanks to a patented water preheating system the machine produces dry quality steam, saturated and is able to maintain a stable operating pressure.

This machine is ideal for cleaning machines, refrigerators, ovens, floors, windows, and counter tops in commercial and industrial environments.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Colour – stainless
    • Detergent Tank capacity – 5 litre
    • Tank capacity – 5 litre
    • Pressure – 10 bar
    • Power – 15 amps
    • Boiler volume – 2.5 litre
    • Steam volume Level 1 – 65gr/min
    • Steam volume Level 2 – 76gr/min
    • Steam volume Level 1 + 2 – 100gr/min
    • Steam production – continuous flow with automatic filling system
    • Boiler Steam temperature – 180 degrees Celsius
    • Low tension voltage on hand grip – 9V
    • Heating time – 4 minutes
    • Power cable – 7 meters
    • Dimensions – 460mm x 460mm x 490mm
    • Net weight – 22 kg
    • Certification reached – CE
    • Warranty – 1 year