Food Industry

Contamination can occur all the way through the food processing cycle to the customer.

Using chemicals to clean surfaces is expensive and unless done correctly can leave chemical residue behind and can effect the health of the cleaning staff and your customers.

Using dry steam to clean not only cleans the surface but kills micro organisms and bacteria due to the heat of the steam on the surface.  Use only water (1 litre of water generates 1000 litres of steam) you save on chemical costs and the health of your staff and remove the potential for chemical residues to be transferred to your food.

•  remove food residues  •  clean workbenches and other surfaces  •  sanitise refrigerators  •  clean and maintain ventilation ducts  •  disinfect scales and batching systems  •  sanitise filters and grilles  •  clean eating areas  •  clean tables and chairs  •  clean floors

The recommended model for the food industry is the SW Ursa Minor Plus.

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