Steam generators made for industrial cleaning and sanitizing such as food processing, packaging, beverage, mechanical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. A wide range of practical, versatile and ecological products, which sanitize without the use of chemicals.

Green Power

Using steam to clean reduces water use and removes the need for detergent is most situations.  It is an environmentally friendly way to ensure your equipment is hygienically cleaned, saving you money and time.


Steam generators for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting high attendance places with important standards of hygiene, such as hotels, resorts, schools, kitchens, hospitals and offices. A wide range of versatile, ecological and fragrance-free products, which sanitize without the use of chemicals.

About Us

Rob Pitchforth and Carolyn Millington established Steamworks NZ Ltd in 2008, launching into the New Zealand market quality Italian steam cleaning machines.

Steam has become an alternative to traditional cleaning methods, reducing the amount of water and chemicals and decreasing the time and cost of cleaning jobs.

Steamworks® provides sales, training and support services to the healthcare, hospitality, food processors, transport, leisure and commercial cleaning sectors.

Our Mission

To contribute to a change in attitude within organisations around ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ cleaning techniques and practices, and to assist them in achieving this goal.

Our History

Rob Pitchforth and Carolyn Millington are the founders of Steamworks NZ Limited. Steamworks® has been supplying and servicing Steam cleaners to the New Zealand and South Pacific market since 2008.

Being based in Wellington provides us with a central point for distribution around New Zealand.

Rob’s background in the building industry working with ceramic tiles led to his desire to  find a solution for cleaning tiles without harsh chemicals.

The early applications for using steam were in domestic and light commercial, however, with the availability of robust technology and tools, steam can be used as a successful, cost effective, chemical free cleaning outcome in many industry settings e.g. food processing, medical, scientific research, hospitality.

Both Rob and Carolyn have extensive knowledge of cleaning solutions using steam in domestic, commercial and industrial situations. The Steam machines that we sell are all Italian made and we hold spare parts in Wellington to enable fast service and support to the many valued customers of Steamworks NZ Limited.