• Food processing sanitisation with steam.
  • The Athena machine is perfect for Hotel and Motel cleaning applications.

Steam Machines & Steam Cleaning Vacuums

Steamworks is a nationwide distributor of Italian-made steam machines for industrial sites and commercial steam cleaning vacuums.

We provide operator training, steam generator servicing, accessories, spare parts and cleaning supplies.

Industrial Steam Machines

Menikini Steam generators are designed for industrial cleaning and sanitizing. In particular, for food processing, packaging, beverage plants, mechanical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer a wide range of practical, versatile and eco-friendly steam machine products. These sanitise without the use of harsh chemicals.

Industrial Steam Cleaning

Eco-friendly Steam Power

Using a steam cleaning machine to clean saves water and eliminates the need for detergent in most cases. It is an environmentally friendly technique that ensures your equipment is properly cleaned. At the same time, it saves you money and time. When dry steam vapour comes into touch with the treated surface, it cleans it very thoroughly. It also disinfects and sanitises the surfaces.

Steam Cleaning Applications

Commercial Steam Cleaner

Commercial steam cleaning vacuums clean and disinfect all high-traffic areas with strict hygiene standards. For hotels, restaurants, tourist facilities in general, SPAs, professional kitchens, schools, hospitals, workplaces and wellness centres. We have a variety of flexible, environmentally friendly and fragrance-free cleaning and sanitising products.

Commercial Steam Cleaning Applications