Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 standard accessories

  • Floor and Carpet Brush – Brush for cleaning floors of different types such as tiles, parquet, ceramic and marble, but also for carpets and rugs. Can be used with or without the cloth.
  • Steam Concentrator + Brush – TThe steam concentrator is perfect for targeted cleaning jobs. It can be used together with the small brush with nylon bristles to increase dirt removal capabilities.
  • Sockette – A soft sockette is provided to collect the dirt that is dissolved during steam cleaning. Used with the small brush.
  • Funnel – Quickly fill the boiler, avoiding any spills
  • Window Cleaning Brush – The window-cleaning brush, complete with both soft and rubber inserts, offers sparkling windows with no streaks that stay cleaner longer. Save money, as detergents are no longer needed.
  • Steam Lance – To be used with the steam concentrator in hard to reach places.
  • Kalstop Anti-Limescale Product – 2 vials of Kalstop are provided, a special anti-limescale compound for products with a boiler. Made from plants, it is safe for humans, easily biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Used regularly it prevents the formation of limescale and improves steam delivery, keeping your appliance working perfectly for longer.
  • Small Brush – This brush is designed for cleaning smaller surfaces. It can be used with the sockette provided. It is particularly appropriate for: upholstery fabrics, velvet and leather (from a distance), car interiors, very dirty windscreens, small glass surfaces, tiles, cupboard doors, doors and other small surfaces.
  • Floor Cloth – A microfibre cloth is provided for attaching to the brush to collect the dirt dissolved by the steam. For all types of flooring.
  • Accessory Bag – Practical fabric bag to hold all the accessories.

Polti Eco Pro 3.0