09 Jan 2017

How to Clean Kitchen Floors – Blog 2

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Cleaning Kitchen floors, whether in a commercial kitchen, residential care facility, cafe or home presents all kinds of challenges including  built up grease, dirt, food waste and wet areas.  Steam cleaning with a steam/vac machine like the 3000D can assist you in achieving an excellent result for your efforts. Grimy kitchens are never easy, but if kept up with a steam clean daily, weekly and monthly, you can have a clean kitchen year round.

Here’s some tips

Cleaning the floor with a Steamworks Steam machine

  • Attach the floor tool and lock it in place at the bottom of the extension handle.
  • Notice the bottom of the tool consists of bristles and a squeegee. To scrub the floor, use the steam only and angle the head so that you are scrubbing with bristles and not the squeegee. Scrub about one square meter. Switch off the steam and switch on the vacuum and use the squeegee to suck up all the moisture.

To clean the grout (floor and walls)

  • Use the nylon brush.
  • Gently rub brush along the grout and watch the dirt pour out. The dirt here is a build up of years of cleaning with a mop.
  • It may be a huge task to clean the grout on a large floor area, so we suggest not spending too long on a section at a time. After a week or two you can cover a large area and it should not require cleaning again for some time.

You can add a detergent should your kitchen floor be particularly greasy, but try it with steam first for a chemical free food area.

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Blog 1 – Introduction to our How to Clean series of Blogs

04 Jan 2017

Steamworks “How to” clean with steam series – Blog 1

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In 2017 Steamworks NZ are bringing you a series of “How to” tips and tricks that will be helpful in making cleaning tasks easier, safer and more productive. These tips and tricks will help you make the most of your steam cleaner, or if you haven’t got one, give you an insight into the possibilities if you were to invest in one.

There are no set rules on how to clean with steam. With the vast array of attachments supplied with your machine it is quite possible to achieve the required results using different tools in the same time frame. Most operators find that they can do most tasks using a small selection of attachments. Do not be afraid of trying something new or attempting to clean something that you have not tried to clean before.

Blog 2 – How to clean Kitchen floors