Steam is indispensable for sanitising and removing stains from the interior of campervans, eliminating odors and leaving the surfaces dry so the vehicle can be used immediately. The vast range of accessories makes it possible to adapt the machines to any space, so the operator can use it in the greatest comfort while cleaning as fast as possible. The use of steam at a high temperature enables the elimination of ticks, fleas or lice in fabrics.

Parasites steam kills

  • Cleaning without chemicals
  • Elimination of smells in fabrics and the interior surfaces of the campervan
  • Complete removal of pathogens such as bacteria and fungi, and parasites such as louses, fleas and ticks
  • Sanitising of seats, floors and toilets
  • Sanitising of fridges and other food storage areas
  • Upholstery dry in few minutes
  • Cleaning points that are hard to reach
  • Cleaning of windows without leaving streaks