Hotels, Motels & Backpackers

Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and all types of small and large tourism offices have particular needs concerning sanitizing and hygiene….

Guests checking in expect that their rooms will be clean and sanitised – with no residue of chemical or artificial air fresheners.  Cleaning staff therefore have to be fast and thorough.  Our Steam Vapour machines enable a fully sanitised clean, which leaves guest accommodation looking and smelling fresh.

Applications include:

Floor surfaces e.g. tiles and tile grout; parquet and wood; lino; carpet squares; pile carpets; carpet trim.

Furniture e.g. upholstery; plastic chairs; tables; trolleys, mobility equipment

Bathroom sanitization; polishing of chromed taps and pipes; porcelain; glass; mirrors; toilets; mobility aids.

Other areas e.g. lifts, ventilation ducts, windows, mirrors,  cleaning and disinfection of food processing areas; walls; blinds etc.

See the Steamworks Hera for a light and versatile option, which is excellent for use in this environment.

See the Steamworks Athena for a more commercial application.

For bedbug eradication see Cimex Eradicator.


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