• Avoid getting natural wood too wet or hot.
  • move quickly and don’t linger in one spot with the steam on, the wood will go white (like putting a hot coffee cup on your polished wood table).
  • use the appropriate tool, either a floor head with a squeegee or a microfiber Steam Mop head.
  • use low steam

Fine wood floor surfaces

  • use a Steam Mop floor head with a microfiber cloth, or use the appropriate brush for the size and texture of the surface (low pressure) with a clean towel clipped over the brush.
  • Heat up the towel away from the surface and turn off the vapor before applying the brush to the surface to do the cleaning.
  • Use light detergent only when absolutely necessary and spray it on the towel before wiping, not on the surface.

Waxed Wood

  • If the wood surface is waxed, use only cool moist towels to wipe down the surface.
  • You can remove old wax with smooth cotton fabric, such as a cotton nappy (several layers) wrapped over the triangular brush (low heat).
  • Do not use a regular terry cloth towel because of the towel’s rough texture, which will leave stroke marks in the waxed surface.

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