• Use an upholstery tool or brush with clean all-white towels.
  • Never use more than a fine mist of detergent. The fabric should not even get wet.
  • Only use low pressure when cleaning any kind of fabric.
  • Use fast, light strokes, and avoid getting the fabric wet.
  • When cleaning silk, warm up the towel and then turn off the vapor entirely before touching the fabric i.e. if the towel is too hot to touch with your hand, it is too hot for silk.
  • Be patient with stubborn spots; work on a spot gently for no more than a minute at a time, then wait five minutes for the area to dry and repeat.
  • Use circular movements or back-and-forth and side-to-side movements to get all sides of surface fibre.
  • Finish with a brushing in one direction that will give the fabric a uniform appearance.

NOTE: Always determine the colour-fastness of any fabric – especially with reds or blues – by taking a clean, moist, warm towel and gently rubbing a small area as far down on the back or other out of the way place on the furniture as possible. If colour comes off on the towel you may need to have the piece dry-cleaned.

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