Triangular brush with towel – low pressure – hold a folded second towel: in your “off” hand. On single-ply draperies the stain will usually go through and be deposited on this towel.

Sheers or One-Ply Fabric

If the drape is heavily soiled, mist the soiled areas very lightly with a gentle detergent. (Don’t use enough to get the fabric wet.) Use the triangular brush on one side of the pleat at a medium pace (about 100cms per second) from the top of the drape to the bottom, moving with another towel against the backside of the drape at the same time. The vapor will go through the fabric and remove dirt from both sides simultaneously.

Insulated or Multiple-Layered Fabric

Same technique as for single-layer but be extra cautious about moving too slowly if cleaning insulated draperies, since the insulation is generally heat sensitive. It is better to go over the surface twice at moderate speed than once at low speed.

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