Floor mats

  • Remove from car and clean first with nozzle (high pressure) from 2-3 inches away.
  • Blow from the side to remove most surface dirt and grime. Spray them with light detergent.
  • Allow detergent to work about 4 minutes then use brush without towel (low pressure) to loosen embedded dirt in the fibers, brushing in all directions.
  • Place towel over brush and use back and forth and side to side movements to remove remaining dirt.

Floor boards

  • Blow loose debris out of car using high pressure and nozzle. Then use same procedure as above for floor mats.

Instrument Panel

  • Use nozzle – medium pressure – to blow dust and dirt from all vents, ashtrays, and other parts of instrument panel.
  • Reduce vapor to low to clean around the radio.
  • Wipe clean with towel.
  • Top of instrument panel and rear package shelf: Nozzle with towel wrapped over small brush – low pressure. If the surface bleaches out, refresh it with a silicone treatment.

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