Horizontal Blinds

If they have a lot of accumulated “crud” on the surfaces, pre-spray the blinds with mild detergent that you have thinned out 3:1 with water. Use nozzle with no brush. Use open vapor -medium or high pressure – to blow loose dirt and dust off surface of horizontal slats.

  • Switch to triangular brush with towel.
  • Close the blinds with top of slats facing you. – low pressure – brush side-to-side from the top down.
  • Close the blinds from the opposite direction and clean with a side-to-side movement from the bottom up.
  • Without opening the blind, remove it from its bracket and turn it so it now faces the wrong direction; put it back in its bracket and clean from the top down again. (This ensures that you have covered 100% of the slat surfaces).

Tip: For blinds, which have lots of mildew, spray the slats with a detergent that contains bleach before you begin. Allow five minutes before you start cleaning the blind.

Vertical Blinds

  • Triangular brush with towel (low pressure)
  • Open the blinds. Begin at the top of each slat.
  • Hold a towel in your opposite hand against the back side of the slat and move smoothly downward with the triangular brush on the front side.
  • Switch hands and repeat on the opposite side of the slat.

Caution: Too much heat can damage Vinyl blinds. Consider replacing rather that cleaning them.

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