The Multifunction standard tools (3000 series) are.

  • Large Floor Head comes with three removable attachments. Squeegee, Brush and Carpet attachment.
  • Small Head comes with three removable attachments. Large Squeegee, Small Squeegee and Brush. Use this for smaller areas e.g. windows, mirrors, stainless benches, wheelchairs etc.
  • Nozzle/Ferrule for directing a lot of vapor at a surface or blowing loose debris out of cracks and crevices. Use for toilets, drains, mats, anywhere which is hard to get and will with stand a blast of hot steam!
  • Multi-use mouth comes with six removable attachments, large and small polyester brushes, stainless brush, scraper, trapezoid and vertical vacuum mouths.
  • Polyester detail brush on soft surfaces.
  • Stainless steel brush is ideal for baked on grease and grime. It is perfect for cleaning the BBQ and kitchen grills.
  • Brass detail brush (not standard) on most metal surfaces. It is also ideal for cleaning chrome, brass and glass.

There are numerous other accessories for both the steam only and steam and vac models. Ask Steamworks NZ Ltd for the complete list of accessories to see what other accessories might make your specific jobs easier.

TIP: When attaching an accessory to the hand piece. Clean the inside of the fitting were it slides onto the hand piece with a shot of steam to remove grit that will make attaching of the accessory difficult. Applying some light oil to the O rings will help to increase their life.

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