About Steam & How To Use It

Steam-Nature’s Disinfectant

What better way to clean? No need for chemicals – uses very little water- fantastic results- vacuums up the dirt- leaves a sanitised surface and a fresh smell you may never have experienced!

If it is important for your business to provide a clean environment for your customers and you want to reduce cleaning costs then contact us and we will show you how your Steamworks® steam machine can work for you.

Cleaning fridges inside and out, stoves, vents, extractor fans, stainless steel, walls, floors and even ceilings! All areas of a Kitchen should be hygienically clean – and steam offers a natural cleaning method.

Clean grout lines and tiles without the need to use an acid wash. Produce a professional result without harsh chemicals! Clean toilet floors without the need to touch surfaces. Steam away spilt drink and ground in food, sanitising your floors as you go!

Want to get your equipment back to near new looking? Try Steam to attack the dirt and grime.

Sanitise surfaces, try it on chairs, tables and fittings which are difficult to access, you’ll be amazed how well they come up.

Glass, vents, metal grills are surfaces that Steamworks® machines can clean.

Use steam in showers, toilets and public eating areas and your customers will appreciate the high level of cleanliness your business offers.