Vaporetto Lecoaspira 80 Standard Accessories

  • Universal Brush with Frames – This brush can be used on all floors, both with the steam and the suction function. Alternating the frames you can wash tile, parquet or carpets, simply choose the appropriate one.
  • Steam Concentrator + Small Nylon Brush – The concentrator targets the steam, while the brush offers more abrasive power. This accessory can be used with just the steam function, or combined with the suction function to remove the dirt dissolved by the steam.
  • 3 Small Coloured Nylon Brushes – The brushes help to remove the most stubborn dirt. The different colours allow specific brushes to be reserved for specific areas, to guarantee the maximum hygiene.
  • Sockette – Applied to the steam + vacuum nozzle, collects the dirt dissolved during steam cleaning. Excellent for upholstered items, carpets and car upholstery.
  • Accessory Storage Bag – A practical bag to hold all the accessories so they are easily found.
  • Steam + Vacuum Nozzle – This accessory can be used for several functions: 1. vacuuming small surfaces such as pillows, sofas, furniture 2. steam cleaning upholstered items, cabinet doors, kitchen hoods and hobs with the sockette 3. cleaning windows or mirrors with the window cleaning insert.
  • Steam Lance – The lance targets the steam, getting into hard to reach and tight spaces, thanks to its elongated shape.
  • Cloth for all Floors – Cloth to collect the dirt dissolved by steam, appropriate for all floor types.
  • Jug – Useful for filling the tank quickly.
  • Bioecologico – 5 vials of Bioecologico are provided, an anti-foam and deodorant product that prevents the formation of foam in the water filter, while also releasing a pleasant scent.
  • Window Cleaning Accessory 200mm – Apply to the steam + vacuum nozzle to clean windows and mirrors, or glass surfaces.
  • Suction Lance – This accessory is used with the suction function and can access hard to reach areas, vacuuming up dust and dirt.
  • Delicate Floor Cloth – This cloth is recommended to collect the dirt dissolved by steam on delicate floors like parquet or ceramic.
  • Tank cleaning brush – The brush provided is helpful when cleaning the collection tank. It can also be used to clean the slots of the device tubes and the inside of accessories

Polti 80