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3000D Medical

3000D Medical machine with TrolleyThe 3000 and 3000D steam machines satisfy the CE medical standards in Europe. They can be used to help  prevent harmful diseases in, hospitals, rest home care facilities, doctors surgeries, dentists and veterinary practices.  Bacteria or virus can not in general survive the high temperatures of dry steam.

Healthcare facilities are exposed to the risk of infections due to the presence of conditions facilitating the proliferation and spreading of pathogenic micro-organisms.  The occurrence of pathogens is due to factors such as; being in the same room as diseased persons, flows of visitors, activities that facilitate the propagation of infectious agents and the presence of resistant and particularly virulent micro-organisms.

Application examples:

  • ambulances
  • operating tables
  • medical, orthopedic equipment
  • mattresses and pillows
  • curtains and blinds
  • mobility and showering equipment
  • floors and waiting rooms
  • chairs and couches

These machines have been certified by INTERTEK with CE medical for hospital use, fulfilling the requirements of the European standard.